IBM Lotus One UI

IBM Lotus One UI (later named ICS One UI) is a set of design guidelines, a developer’s guide, code samples, and a toolkit that help products in the IBM Lotus suite to maintain a consistent set of design patterns and visual elements.

As part of the IBM Lotus One UI team, I was responsible for developing and reviewing guidelines, as well as the design and some of the development of the One UI internal website.

IBM Lotus One UI Messages guidelines

In addition to the design guidelines, we also built two companion sites: Asset House and ArtSource. Asset House is where we posted design assets that could help designers get started on projects more easily. In addition to icons, we also posted mobile device shells, empty browser windows, as well as OS desktops and UI elements.

ArtSource is a self service site for marketers and sellers where they can download product icons and screenshots without having to track down the designers of the products.